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Reality, by FARO Technologies is the most advanced software application for Law Enforcement, Forensic, and crash Reconstruction Industries.

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Point Cloud

Reality Includes Point cloud with 64 - bits application process, it can handle 2 billions points and view the cloud at maximum density.


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Physics based 3D animation system

Having Reality software means you do not need any other software application for CAD drawing, 3D-modelling, crash and crime analysis, 3D-animation, Point Cloud management, or crash reconstruction calculations.

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A complete 3D drawing system allowing users to generate precision diagrams of crash, crime or any incident scene with stunning details and realism.

Reality includes thousands of precise 3D models to populate 3D scenes. These models auto scale upon placement within the scene. Only reality models reflect ambient light, allow transparency adjustment, and auto display suspension effects.

Reality includes a physics based 3D animation system which allows auto- synchronization of up to 10 events, animation of any model in the Reality system complete with rotating and turning wheels, sub animation of human models, and complete control of lighting.

Reality includes a complete Point Cloud management system with features not found in any other application. Since it is a true 64 bit application, users can download point clouds up to 2 billion points and view the cloud at maximum density. Reality supports all point cloud scanners including FARO, Z+F, Leica, and Reigl. Only Reality point cloud system allows users to instantly generate models from objects in the scan and move them to other positions and other scenes.

Only Reality has a fully validated method of analyzing scanned vehicles to determine crush volume and calculate energy loss and EBV.


Reality includes:

  • Point Cloud (Layer management)
  • Bullet trajectory analysis
  • Blood spatter analysis tool
  • Structure Genius
  • Drawing /Importing drawing tools
  • HD Animation effects with customizable camera option.

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Book a demo and see the latest in crash and crime reconstruction technology. Online demos are live and take approximately 30 minutes. Demonstrations are one-on-one using screen sharing so that you can ask questions, and see the results.

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