Reality - 3D CAD Drawing

Reality Feature Image Gallery Watch Videos
Draw in 3D or 2D mode Image Gallery Video
Easy to use, drag and drop basic drawing shapes – point, line, arc, polyline, polycurve with vertex editing real time. Image Gallery Video
Drop down conversion to roadway line types with easy to edit line properties – and “ save defaults “ feature Image Gallery Video
Advanced snap controls like point snap, entity snap, ortho snap, surface snap, snap to grid, snap intersection, snap to point cloud, snap to point cloud cluster Image Gallery Video
Easy to use trim tool allows multi line breaks and trims Image Gallery Video
Text editor with many options for professional presentations. Image Gallery Video
Allows users to place images and scale images on drawing Image Gallery Video
Unlimited layer manager – with easy layer management system Image Gallery Video
Import and export dxf, dwg drawings Image Gallery Video
Aspect ratio lock and ortho lock drawing modes Image Gallery Video
Allows drawing and navigation simultaneously Image Gallery Video
Allows display of distances and angles with multiple options Image Gallery Video
Allows export of 3D surface mesh as dxf for PC Crash and HVE users Image Gallery Video
All drawing shapes are anti- aliased for smooth appearance Image Gallery Video
Surfacing tool – super simple with full texture control and texture property control in 3D Image Gallery Video
Super easy mouse controlled zoom and pan Image Gallery Video
Detailed vertex list for all polylines Image Gallery Video
On screen elevation control of all drawing shapes Image Gallery Video
All drawing shapes have extrude properties including textures Image Gallery Video

Structure Genius

Reality Structure Genius allow users to construct multilevel buildings with just a few clicks of the mouse. Textures and images can be applied to walls for a realistic look and feel. Windows, doors, and staircases can be placed and resized quickly and easily. Full building storeys can be duplicated above and below with a single click.

Whether you need to create the detailed interior of a single room or the exterior of an entire city block, Structure Genius makes scene creation a snap.

Book a demo and see the latest in crash and crime reconstruction technology. Online demos are live and take approximately 30 minutes. Demonstrations are one-on-one using screen sharing so that you can ask questions, and see the results.

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