3D Animation Features

Reality Feature Image Gallery Watch Videos
Unlimited number of 3D models may be in motion at the same time – thanks to 64 bit system Image Gallery Video
Total control over x,y,z yaw pitch roll and time Image Gallery Video
Runs in real time Image Gallery Video
Built in physics engine so no key frame calculations required Image Gallery Video
Auto generates an animation report at 1/40th second intervals – for court. Image Gallery Video
Sub animation is automatic. Wheels rotate based on vehicle speed. Pedestrian motion correctly geared to forward speed. Image Gallery Video
Unlimited static, animated, and tracking animation cameras like drivers view etc Image Gallery Video
Animated models automatically follow any terrain surface or point cloud surface while auto calculating 3D spline path distances Image Gallery Video
Allows up to ten synchronized events – like multiple vehicles collisions Image Gallery Video
Auto syncs damage display to collision sync Image Gallery Video
Allows unlimited interim positions along any path segment Image Gallery Video
Generates gunshots – displaying trajectory and velocity to 1/100th. Image Gallery Video

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