Reality - Blood Spatter Analysis

The purpose of the ARAS Reality Blood Spatter Analysis (BSA) tool is to allow a user to determine the back trajectory and possible Area of Convergence (source) of blood spatter on a wall or floor. The tool follows the published guidelines for back tracking blood droplet trajectories as follows:

Blood spatter angle

The point of origin of the image is defined as the lower-left corner. Y runs vertically, X horizontally to the right.

The angle Theta (θ) is the angle of the long axis of the ellipse. It is also the angle of the direction of travel of the droplet when it struck the surface, looking orthogonal to the surface.

Blood spatter angle

The angle Phi (Φ) is the Impact angle, the angle between the direction of travel and the surface.

Model Details

Reality Feature Watch Videos
Designed to work in your 3D crime scene Video
Uses valid physics model Video
Designed to work with any type of measurements Video
Connect measurement points with rod or cone Video
System auto calculates trajectory angles and allows real time prediction of shot origin Video
Allows users to animated gunshots to any muzzle velocity Video
Allows users to choose any caliber Video
Allows animation of complex shooting events Video

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