Reality - Human Model Animation

Reality Feature Watch Videos
Designed to work in your 3D crime scene Video
Designed to work with any type of measurements Video
Users may choose from many sub animated motions like walking, crawling, running and more Video
Users may use Motion Studio and Microsoft Kinect to generate motion files and attach them to models in scene Video
Allows to time specific movements to animation timelines for realistic animations Video
Synchronization system allows automatic syncing of human motion to gunshots etc Video
Animations can generated in any kind of scene including point clouds Video
Users can choose from many different human models Video

Book a demo and see the latest in crash and crime reconstruction technology. Online demos are live and take approximately 30 minutes. Demonstrations are one-on-one using screen sharing so that you can ask questions, and see the results.

Please call 1-877-814-2360 or click a link book a demo to register your booking. we will contact you as soon as possible with our latest updates.